The Magic Bike Company

The Value of Time

To survive in today’s fast-changing marketplace, every business--large or small, startup or long-established--must be capable of a continual process of transformation and renewal. Surveys show that most executives agree, and in fact, many believe that business model innovation is even more critical to their company’s success than product or service innovation. But other studies have determined that no more than 10% of innovation investments at established companies are focused on creating transformative business models.

The cost of the Future

Most people know that money you have in hand now is more valuable than money you collect later on. That’s because you can use it to make more money by running a business, or buying something now and selling it later for more, or simply putting it in the bank and earning interest.
Future money is also less valuable because inflation erodes its buying power. This is called the time value of money. But how exactly do you compare the value of money now with the value of money in the future?
Our vision of the future is evolving. We need you to evaluate two business models involving printing bike frames. Compare purchasing a 3D Stratasys printer printer or renting time on Stratasys printer. The frame will be designed by Software is Us using Catia.